Go Quito Hotel
Go Quito Hotel brand

The hotel’s design is inspired by the local flora, with natural materials used throughout the property. The rooftop garden with views of Quito City is a serene escape and a stunning panoramic viewing point. This urban oasis features plants, flowers, and trees that thrive in the high-altitude environment. The city’s coloring changes at sunrise or sunset, bathing the rooftop garden in a unique light. Gaze at the mountains and volcanoes surrounding the city, and marvel at the endless expanse of Quito’s urban sprawl from this serene and enchanting rooftop garden.

The unique lobby bar-restaurant is adorned with native Quito plants and is not just a place to relax but a unique opportunity to connect with nature. In the outdoor area, you will find edible plants and herbs. 

Amid buildings, the hotel’s garden offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Verdant green lawn stretches out, bordered by trees, which provide a sense of tranquility. A palm tree stands tall and proud, swaying in the gentle breeze. Whether it’s a break from work, a peaceful walk, or a moment of solitude, the garden offers a place to recharge, reset and revitalize. 




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