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November 29, 2023

I enjoy few things more than arriving at the hotel room and having it be spacious and equipped with everything I need to have a good time. I love that the rooms are designed and designed for relaxation and to rest from the long days. I love taking long, comfortable, warm baths! So, for me, the rooms must have a perfect shower. And if they have Hydro, even better. Nothing like hearing the bubbling of water to relax

I spend most of my time thinking, creating, ideating and writing from my room. The rooms are the places where I stop to create, to write, to produce…. They are the places where everything experienced is condensed into ideas and creativity. Therefore, for me, rooms should be sober and beautiful places, well designed so that they invite creation and inspiration to come in, to accompany us.

There is no one who can deny it: traveling alone has the charm of privacy, of becoming one with yourself. After long days of walking, visiting impressive places, you just want to get to your hotel room and lie down in bed, talk to yourself, surround yourself with the intimacy and security that you feel in a well-constructed space, as if it were custom made. For me, enjoying that moment with myself is one of the most memorable experiences of traveling. That’s why I look for a room that feels safe, and that can easily become a temporary home.

From my hotel room I coordinate and direct everything. I need a room to be always connected to the network, and to keep me connected, to support me in my work with the best technology. I can’t stand a room with slow WiFi or poor network access, because when I travel, I handle all my business from the comfort and safety of the rooms.

Executive Junior Suite King
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