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What to do with your partner on Valentine’s Day? A unique romantic experience at PANECILLO.

What to do with your partner on Valentine’s Day? A unique romantic experience at PANECILLO.
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February 9, 2024

Picture a dinner for two in front of the imposing massif of the Pichinchas – the inactive Ruco Pichincha and the Guagua Pichincha – and the city of Quito spread out before you and your partner. On Valentine’s Day, you could sit in a dynamic and elegant viewpoint to contemplate the reddish hue of the sky, which at sunset contrasts with the navy blue of the lush volcano. That typical composition of Quito, a city built more than 2800 meters above sea level, is the perfect backdrop for a love story. Of course, dining like this is a great Valentine’s Day plan.

Quito, a city surrounded by mountains and hills.

Quito is a city conducive to romance. Surrounded by mountains and hills, its elongated shape from north to south is unique. It’s like a meeting point between heaven and earth: cloudy and full of color at the same time. And indeed, it’s a meeting point between the different regions of Ecuador. Despite its altitude, it’s a few hours away from the Coast to the west and the Amazon to the east. Its geographical location defines its culture in every detail. For example, one of the most typical breakfasts in Quito is the “encebollado,” a famous coastal dish.

The mystique of Ecuadorian cuisine.

Quito’s cuisine is a reflection of that mysticism. Now, imagine yourself there again, at sunset, but with an appetizer of grilled octopus, cooked in Greek style. Or else, to whet your appetite, with marinated fish fillet with passion fruit, a delicious fruit very popular in Ecuador. And for the main course, beef tenderloin accompanied by fine pickles and mortiño teriyaki, another typical product of the Sierra. Imagine sharing bites from your plate with that person you like. And toasting to the night and the beautiful city around you.

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It all begins here.

There are countless love stories in Quito. It has been inhabited since before 1030 B.C., when it was what is now described as the Quitu Confederation. It was then Inca territory and finally became a city of the Spanish empire. All that history seeps through today’s city, in its corners, rooftops, and whispers. Of course, it’s also present in the desserts that lovers share, like the creamy white pulp of cherimoya with a core of seasonal strawberries. Imagine being there, facing the nature of Pichincha, the history of Quito, and the gaze of that special person.

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