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Artisan: How everything started

Artisan: How everything started
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June 14, 2024

Everything started with the construction of GO Quito Hotel . Around 1,252 people, from carpenters to engineers, worked together for about five years, using their skilled hands to bring the project to life. The connection between the company and this group of artisans started long before the Hotel’s foundation. We have had a close relationship, which paved the way for us to showcase local talent and foster a profound connection, making the Hotel a true reflection of local craftsmanship and cultural heritage. These artisans didn’t just build the physical structure; they infused the premises with our culture and distinct elements that guests can feel in every handcrafted detail. They brought their equipment, set up workshops, and crafted everything within our walls.

A mission in community engagement

Once the construction was over, the farewells with the artisans sparked a realization: the Hotel could extend this connection beyond the built. Months later, inspired by a designated space for events of this kind , the idea of GO Artisan was born – a crafts fair where they will bring all these people to sell their products. This space is part of the Hotel’s essence and culture. Their handmade crafts are within the Hotel’s foundation and are the human part of the building. Often, we buy imported products because we either don’t know where to find local alternatives or don’t realize they are also produced here. For those reasons, we thought we could be a linking point between the artisans and the community.

One of our primary purposes is to connect with the community, with our neighborhood and make the Hotel a place where everyone can go and enjoy its facilities instead of getting the feeling that it is only for tourists. Another of our pillars is to promote the local economy, and these events not only showcased their products but also forged meaningful connections and business opportunities with one another and the community.

Artisan: A Bridge Between the Hotel, Artisans, Community, and Foundations

This deep bond with local artisans inspired us to create Artisan, an initiative to give back to the community. It began as a craft fair, providing a space for artisans to display their crafts, allowing people to get to know them and purchase their products. Over time, Artisan evolved through constant innovation into a space for workshops where attendees can learn to make these products themselves. Additionally, it has become a venue for collecting items such as toys, clothes, food, and more to donate to orphanages, elderly care homes, and other community organizations. Our guests also participate in this event to learn about Ecuadorian culture and live an immersive experience. Artisan acts as a bridge connecting the Hotel, artisans, the community, and foundations.

From paper to reality

On December 6th, we celebrate the capital city’s foundation by honoring its culture and heritage with music, typical food, and traditional games. GO Quito Hotel thought this would be the perfect moment to invite the artisans back to showcase their crafts, and the first GO Artisan event took place that Saturday. The initial idea was to sell traditional sweets, and we started by contacting an already known “espumilla” – a traditional dessert, meringue cream made with sugar and egg whites – producer, but we soon realized there were many more artisans we hadn’t yet discovered.

Feria Artisan en GO Quito Hotel

Children's Day – GO Artisan

This June 1st, we will host our 8th GO Artisan Fair to celebrate Children’s Day. Thirty skilled artisans will sell handmade and locally produced toys, clothes, and games, all made especially for children with safe and natural materials. This Artisan’s edition will not only offer a shopping experience but also fun, special activities for children, including face painting and painting their own handmade pots.

Our next event, the 9th edition, will be for Father’s Day in June. Offering a variety of gifts for fathers and an innovative way to celebrate them.

Pareja de artesanos en Artisan

GO Artisan's future

Looking ahead, we plan to implement “GO Artisan Workshops” further. Combining shopping experiences with activities where visitors can learn to make products from scratch, keeping traditions alive and passing them along. This cultural activity will increase and emerge as an innovative plan to do in Quito. We also encourage further development of the donation site idea. In order to support our artisans, we suggest that donations can be purchased goods from the fair.

Supporting Sustainability and Development Goals

Artisan began as part of our sustainability program to support the 21 Sustainable Development Goals. Our primary focus is tackling Goal 8, “Decent Work and Economic Growth.” By targeting this goal, we also address several other goals. Goal 8 relates to creating job opportunities for everyone, ensuring they earn a fair income to support their households, battle hunger, and provide their children with quality education, good health, and well-being. We strive to reduce inequalities in every aspect, promoting gender equality by giving everyone equal opportunities to participate in this event. We advocate for responsible consumption and production by supporting locally produced items and promoting the local economy.

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