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Guayasamín House Museum and “Man’s Chapel”. Just 1 km from Go Quito Hotel.

Guayasamín House Museum and “Man’s Chapel”. Just 1 km from Go Quito Hotel.
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December 5, 2023

Have you heard about the Mural of the Mutilated? It is one of the greatest works of the plastic artist Oswaldo Guayasamín, the most important Ecuadorian painter of the 20th century. Guayasamín took 8 years to finish this work: it is made up of 6 mobile paintings that, when rearranged, give rise to a new painting. It is presumed that there are more than a million possible combinations. Do you think you are able to discover a hitherto unknown combination?

This work and others can be seen at the Guayasamín House Museum, located in the artist’s former house. This art complex will offer you the largest collection of works by this painter and a sample of his personal art collection. There is no visitor who is not moved by the immense murals and canvases of Guayasamín, who knew how to capture the pain of the indigenous people and provide a unique tenderness, a color and a particular form to Ecuadorian life. In addition, you can visit the workshop where the master worked, see his canvases and the palettes that he used to give life to his peculiar works.

Within this complex is his greatest work, “The Chapel of Man”, a space dreamed of by Guayasamín that invites reflection on the history of Latin America through art and painting, from pre-Columbian art to modernity. . In the Capilla del Hombre you can also purchase lithographs of Guayasamín’s most famous works.

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