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Itchimbía Park. Just 5 km from Go Quito Hotel.

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December 5, 2023

There is nothing like contemplating Quito from above: looking at its streets, the people who move, are born and hide between their houses, their convents and temples, the vibrant energy that rises to the nearby clouds. You can experience this from the Itchimbía viewpoint park, an emblematic place in the capital, a meeting point with Quito life.

Located on a hill that rises above the Historic Center, this 54-hectare park offers you a privileged view to better understand the peculiar geography of Quito. Itchimbía is surrounded by traditional neighborhoods, such as El Dorado or La Tola, which you can visit if you want to get to know the daily life of the city. In addition, there are several recreational activities that you can enjoy in the extensive facilities of this park, where one of Quito’s iconic buildings is also located: the Crystal Palace. The metal skeleton of this structure was imported by President Eloy Alfaro, and was built to emulate the Las Halles market in Paris. It functioned as a market for many years, until it was renovated and converted into a cultural center for art and history exhibitions.

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